From Porto

On highway A1->A25->A17

From Lisboa

On highway A1->A8->A17
from Porto, drive towards A1-Lisboa/(A17)Lisboa from Lisboa, drive towards A8-Leiria/(A29)Porto
Drive on the highway towards A1-Lisboa -> 60 km Driving on A8 towards (A29)Porto up to 126 Km
Leave the A1, right to A25-Aveiro/(A17)Lisboa Leave the A8, forward A17-Aveiro/(A29)Porto
Drive on the A25 highway towards A17, A17->Aveiro/lhavo/Figª da Foz/(A8)Lisboa for 113 km Drive on the A17 highway towards A17, A17->Aveiro/Leiria norte/(A29)Porto until 10 Km
exit 3/saída 3 [Monte Real] -> Roundabout exit 2/saída 2 [Leiria ...] -> Roundabout
Round for the N109 (Exit 4.ª on the roundabout)Round for the N109 (Exit 1.ª on the roundabout)
Drive on the N109 road towards Leiria -> 2,8 kmDrive on the N109 road towards Monte Real -> 2,5 km
Turn left -> 2,2 Km Turn right -> 2,2 Km

Your destination is located next to the church


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